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Happy September 2020! I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. My one-year non-compete with ExecuNet expired last week and I'm now "legally allowed" to communicate with you. Free-at-last, free-at-last...

Thinking back only six months, it's hard to believe how much the world and most lives have changed. So first, let me express my sincere hope that you and your family have been and currently are COVID free. Second, I also hope that you're gainfully employed and appreciated at work. Finally, as the school year begins, I, as a former high school principal, hope your children and/or grandchildren are in a school system that puts their safety and that of their teachers and other staff above all other considerations.

As for me, I've spent the past months thinking, creating, writing, posting, and building two companies with my oldest son, Rob. Because of my non-compete, we initially focused on helping non-executives, including Gen Y & Zers, who are early in their careers. More recently, we've been working with Teachers who are, unfortunately, needing help making career changes. My son's company, 9|2|5 Career Development (, will continue to work with "junior folks." On the other hand, I will shift my attention back to three very familiar areas through my new company, Your Work in Progress, LLC (YWIP.Online).

These three areas are:

  1. Providing impactful Executive Career-Focused Personal Marketing Collateral/Coaching

  2. Delivering Executive-Level Recruiting & Outplacement

  3. Implementing an array of Sales Effectiveness Assessment & Consulting Services.

So, if you or someone you know is looking to make a career change, please keep Rob and me top-of-mind. In addition, if you're employer is looking to hire, downsize, and/or needs help to improve sales performance, our team is here to assist. My new email address and phone numbers appear below.

Stay safe and be well and if you're so inclined, reach out and let me know what and how you're doing. It's been frustrating not to be able to communicate with you, so I truly look forward to reconnecting.


Don Weintraub, Founder | CEO

Your Work In Progress, LLC

W: 603.777.9910 | C: 781.325.6846

"Delivering Constructive Candor"

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