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Updated: Jun 1


Having recruited and hired hundreds of successful Executives and Sales Professionals over my leadership career spanning industries, roles, levels, and decades, followed by years in Recruiting, Executive-Level Coaching, and HR-related Consulting, it’s my “experienced opinion” that most recruiting and hiring mistakes are made because of the absence of one-or-more of the following Six Critical Must-Haves:

1. ROLE DEFINITION—If you don’t REALLY know the specifics of what to look for in a candidate, most applicants will likely fill the bill.

2. ROLE SUCCESS METRICS—Some role success measures are easier to define than others. But every job has desired measurable outcomes. Incorporating them into your Recruiting and Hiring process is vital for success.

3. DEFINING DESIRED COMPETENCIES and ATTRIBUTES IN JOB POSTINGS—You need to define/know what “Competencies” (knowledge, skills, and abilities) and “Attributes” (inherent qualities) are critical when composing a job posting. It’s important to tell the “potential candidates” precisely what you’re looking for.

4. DEFINING DESIRED COMPETENCIES and ATTRIBUTES In CANDIDATE SCREENING—Whether you’re old school or new, using an ATS or your gut, someone or something will be culling the applicant pool down to a manageable size. You only want to spend interviewing time with your very best job prospects. How do you currently do so?

5. UNCOVERING DESIRED COMPETENCIES and ATTRIBUTES DURING INTERVIEWS—Once you know what you’re looking for in a candidate, you need well-formed and targeted questions to surface these competencies and attributes during interviews. Does this sound like what you’ve been doing?

6. IF YOU “HOOK A GOOD ONE,” DON’T LET THEM GO—It’s hard enough to attract great talent, but if you’re fortunate enough to do so, please, don’t let them get away. The hiring process is a marketing (job posting) and sales (interviewing/closing/hiring) process. When it’s time to “extend an offer/close,” do so knowing what the candidate requires to say YES so all your hard work results in a quality hire.

My leadership career has led me to my current company, Your Work in Progress. What I’ve learned about finding and hiring great candidates now helps my clients. I hope you’ve found the “Recruiting and Hiring--Six Critical Must-Haves” to be helpful in your role and company as your hiring needs increase. For more information, please visit our website ( or email me directly at

I look forward to speaking with you!

Don Weintraub



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