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If you're an Executive-level Candidate looking for a new career challenge, YOUR WORK in Progress, LLC (YWIP) provides strategic and tactical Career Advice and Personal Marketing Collateral.  Conversely, if you're an organization looking to Recruit to fill mission-critical executive roles,  provide Outplacement to help soon-to-be separated colleagues, or improve sales performance, YWIP can provide solutions.


    • Help you to define and articulate the "Unique Competitive Advantages" that you're hoping will help you to win your next role. We then create your "Personal Marketing Collateral" to attract potential employers and get you invited to interview. 

    • Deliver customized coaching to prepare you to "Go-To-Market" and defeat your competition before, during and after the "Interview Process."

    • Deploy Micro-Influencer Marketing techniques to elevate your "thought-leader status."

    • Help you to successfully Negotiate your written job offer leaving nothing on the table and then to successfully Onboard into your next executive role. 


    • Recruiting Services to help you identify, interview and hire world-class, executive-level talent across all functions and geographic regions.

    • Outplacement Services designed to truly help about-to-be displaced employees to prepare for and succeed at finding their next role.

    • Micro-Influencer Marketing to uniquely promote your company's brand and expertise.

    • Sales Effectiveness Assessment, Consulting, Coaching & Recruiting to help you identify and implement opportunities for Sales improvement at the macro and micro levels.

And from the beginning to the end of this challenging process, for our individual and corporate clients, we promise to work as your valued search partner and to "Deliver Constructive Candor" during every phase of our working relationship.

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