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YOUR EXECUTIVE RECRUITING in Progress (for companies)

For our Corporate clients, YWIP offers Executive Recruiting Services to help fill strategically critical Executive roles with vetted, pre-qualified, world-class talent.

  • Recruiting Services: Before joining ExecuNet as Managing Director of their Career Strategy Group, Don Weintraub founded and led Rainmaker Associates, a leading Executive Search firm for 15+ years. Don is now back doing Executive Search as the Founder and CEO of YWIP and as such, is prepared to expertly address your senior-level recruiting needs. With his personal network built on thousands of highly successful executives across industries, functions and geographies, Don and his colleagues will provide you with carefully screened and pre-qualified candidates to address your most critical and strategic hiring needs.


YOUR OUTPLACEMENT SERVICES in Progress (largely for companies)

Many organizations rightly attempt to provide Outplacement Services to assist employees (largely at the executive-level) who are being separated from their employment through little fault of their own. In our decades of speaking with these executives, we've heard time-and-time-again how poorly served and underappreciated they've felt. They tell us they received a "cookie-cutter" Outplacement approach. They share that rather than their personal marketing collateral being expertly done for them, they've been provided with minimal suggestions and wished "good luck." And, we're told the coaching they've received to be successful in their search is often delivered on videos rather than person-to-person with a highly trained Executive Career Coach. YWIP promises better, much better!

  • Outplacement Services: We start with coaching to define an executive's "Unique Competitive Advantage," what they bring to their next role that others can't or can't as well as they can. This critical information is embedded both in a candidate's written marketing collateral as well as used to tell a candidate's story during networking/interviews. Our staff of Certified Resume Writers and LinkedIn Profile Experts then create compelling collateral highlighting a candidate's career accomplishments and contributions. We teach Outplacement clients how to: "Go-to-Market," Get the Interview and Win the Job Competition. We do the heavy lifting and our hands-on approach delivers results!

YOUR REPUTATION in Progress (for companies and/or job seekers)

Leaders are only leaders when they have followers. And in today's world of social media, you can be a political figure, a religious icon or a Kardashian and appear online with what some might say is an "unearned following."

That being said, companies, organizations or individuals with particular expertise, a message to share and/or a desire to be viewed as a "thought leader" now have a vehicle to promote their brand and message. Using Micro-Influencer Marketing, strategies and tools, YWIP will partner with you to elevate your image, add hundreds if not thousands of followers and make sure your message is getting through to the right people in a timely fashion.


The team at YWIP promises to successfully help our executive and corporate clients move through the job search/hiring process. We do so by Delivering Constructive Candor in every assignment.

For candidates embarking on a job search, many for the first time in a long time, we will serve as your "search partner" to fill gaps in your search-expertise with world-class coaching and deliver truly distinctive personal marketing collateral to grab the attention of recruiters and hiring authorities alike.

For companies in hiring/firing mode, we will help you conduct more successful Executive Searches and/or to treat displaced executives with personalized and higher quality Outplacement Services.

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