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How To Hire Executives & C-Level Sales People During The Current COVID Environment

In this "post-COVID 19" environment, attracting and hiring senior executive and sales professionals is one of the most challenging issues company's face.

Whether you have a recruiting team in your organization or typically outsource these responsibilities, odds are resources will be stretched to the limits sifting through a high volume of applicants. As well, attempting to hire C-level and Executive Sales talent while over-relying on algorithms will make inexperienced headhunters more likely to rely on a combination of assumptions and shortcuts while determining which candidates to advance.

With an economy in flux and so many political questions still unanswered, you can ill afford the risk of using a pre-2021 recruiting approach and a lack of an active, qualified and national network. Doing so will likely find your company excluding a significant portion of the "most highly qualified talent pool," perpetuating biases and failed practices and not advancing the best candidates for the job.

Your Work in Progress (YWIP)combines the best recruiting and technological advancements with decades of success hiring proven sales and executive-level talent. For more information about our services and a Free Client Consultation, please visit or email us directly at If you're a corporate decision-maker, please feel welcome to email YWIP Founder | CEO Don Weintraub at Thank you!

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