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Defining Your "Unique Value" Prior To A Job Search

Defining Your "Unique Value" Prior To A Job Search 

I've been truly blessed in my career to have hired hundreds of individuals to work with/for me. And, without exaggeration, as an Executive Hiring Manager across multiple industries, a Recruiter, and a Career Coach, I've reviewed thousands of resumes and interviewed hundreds of job applicants.

After all these years, one thing continues to surprise me. The overwhelming majority of job seekers begin their search process without a clear understanding of their "Unique Value" and, what's likely to help them stand out from their competition at all stages of the job search process. Yet, these same individuals are creating generic Resumes and LinkedIn Profiles to unsuccessfully distinguish themselves as top job candidates, and if lucky, are poorly prepared to interview for this new role. It's small wonder that they're then disappointed for not getting multiple job interviews, no less competitive job offers.

Recently, my clients have included an HR Executive with both HR Consulting and in-house HR Leadership experience. She was able to use her unique HR career to stand out both in the personal marketing collateral we created, and during interviews. So too, an Operations Executive who's lived abroad for many years, speaks multiple languages, and has significant global connections, parlayed his "unique value" in both his personal marketing collateral and during interviews to stand out from his competition.

So, if you agree that an effective Job Search requires an understanding of both Marketing and Sales and, that your Resume and LinkedIn Profile exist to help get you noticed/invited in for interviews, then it makes sense to initially deploy a Marketing approach to get you noticed, followed by a Consultative Sales approach to help you conduct successful interviews. And, because so few candidates deploy either, if you do, your chances for a successful job search and landing increase exponentially.

Finally, if you'd like to explore this topic more fully and personally, email me at and we'll find a time to connect. Your next executive role is waiting!

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